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Vibe CBR10 Evolution - 1300W Sub & Enclosure Box

Our Price: £139.90

Vibe CBR10 Evolution - 1300W Sub & Enclosure Box

Free Vibe Power 8 Amp Kit + 1/2 Price Delivery Worth a Massive £35

Welcome to our store and thank you for viewing this Brand New In Car Vibe Audio  product.

We Offer a Nationwide Fitting Service.

The Vibe CBRA 10" Sub and Box all-in one, is and has been a very popular selling subwoofers over the last three years.

This is the start of the new EVO range from VIBE. The CBR range has been around for a great deal of time now and has established themselves as one of the best enclosures available on the market. This the CBR EVO range is the result of years of development and refinement to get to this the EVO range. The CBR range has lead and dominated the market since its conception, the EVO range set to redefine the performance that you can expect from an enclosure."

This enclosure features the all new style VIBE crackle, it has been developed to be much more durable that the old standard paint finish. The enclosure is fitted with one of the newest developments in car audio, the new ARBSS from VIBE is a new revolutionary system that helps to perform two functions. It is in essence a big rubber support on each end of the enclosure, this helps in two ways, it eliminates the need for fixing the enclosure, it keeps the enclosure firmly in place and stops it from moving. It also eliminates any internal resonance within the enclosure, making sure that the bass-line that is produced is loud clear and most of all uncoloured.

This new enclosure comes complete with a port plug, this allows quick and easy tuning of the enclosure and allows you to tune it to exactly how you would like it to sound. If you don’t use the port plug then you can benefit from another unique feature with this enclosure, a backlit port, black-light comes streaming out of the port of this enclosure making it look stunning.

In conclusion this is the one of the best passive subwoofer enclosures available on the market, capable of producing tight and accurate bass, as well as being able to reach very low. This enclosure is packed full of features which make it the perfect indestructible package.

Top Depth
Bottom Depth
BlackAir 10" Version 2 EVO
Peak Power


Amplifier Power
Loud Hard Punch
Recomended Amps BlackBox I MonBox III
Recomended Wiring VIBE Power 8 Wiring Kit

Free Power 8 Amp Kit

The Vibe 8 AWG amplifier power wiring kit, is designed to maximise the performance of any amplifier. The kit includes a 60 amp AGU fuse holder, 5 meter flat power 8 supply cable, 5 meter FLAT remote cable, 1 meter ground cable and all the cable terminals required. Nothing less should be used on VIBE amplifiers.

Vibe 1/2 Price Special Delivery

Please activate the Vibe 1/2 Price special delivery when you go to the shopping cart.

Just to Let you know, we can offer you a nationwide fitting service. Give us a call for a quote on: 0131 553 8855

Your custom is the reason we are here - Thank you, and please come back.